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Cash Flow Notes Definition

Cash Flow Notes DefinitionsWant definitions for cash flow notes? Like most industries, it has its own set of lingo. Here is an explanation of commonly used terms in the cash flow business.

Cash Flow Notes Definition

A Cash Flow Note is an IOU for future payment. This commonly involves private debt outside of traditional bank lending. The party receiving payments can sell or assign their rights to an investor for cash today. (Read What Are Cash Flow Notes for more details.)

Promissory Note Definition

A Promissory Note is a type of cash flow note.  It is a written document that is a promise to pay a specified amount of money within a certain amount of time. The Promissory Note sets out the terms of repayment such as interest rate, payment amount, payment frequency, and the final due date for payment in full.

The Maker or Payer is the party making payments. The Payee is the party receiving payments.

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Are Cash Flow Notes a Scam?

Finding Cash Flow Notes LogoWondering if the cash flow business is right for you? Or even real at all?

Get straight talk from people that have been finding cash flow notes for over 20 years.

The cash flow business is based on turning future payments into cash today. It could be:

  • a seller that agreed to let the buyer make payments to them on a home instead of getting a bank loan, or
  • a business with accounts receivable that take 30 to 60 days to get payment from the customer, or
  • a lottery prize winner or annuitant entitled to future installments.

The basic premise is the same.

The person receiving payments sells or assign their rights to future payments to an investor to satisfy their need for cash today.

The Cash Flow Business turns future value (FV) into present value (PV).

These transactions are often facilitated by a finder that acts as a financial matchmaker. They earn a fee for locating the seller and referring the transaction to the investor.

There are a variety of cash flow types but most fall into 1 of 4 basic categories: Read the rest of this entry »

How to Find Cash Flow Notes on a Budget

Finding Cash Flow Notes LogoWant to find real estate notes without spending a lot of money?

Try these three low cost marketing ideas.


1) Reverse Ad Marketing

Locate print or online postings advertising property for sale with owner financing. Make contact using a telephone script, letter, or brochure offering tips that make cash flow notes more valuable to note buyers.


2) Referral Networking

Work with local professionals to develop a network of referral sources come in contact with sellers receiving payments on real estate sold. Offer free training or provide presentations on using seller financing effectively.


3) Online Article Marketing

Drive traffic to your website using article marketing and press releases. Provide valuable content that will inspire readers to contact you for more information.

These are just three of the methods we teach for marketing the cash flow business on a budget. They do rely on your time but are easy on the wallet.

For more details (including the reverse ad marketing script) be sure to get access to our free video mini-course on Finding Cash Flow Notes!

Avoiding the Note Network Daisy Chain

Finding Cash Flow Notes LogoIs it really that easy to find cash flow notes, list them, and make money?

Find out what it really takes to build a winning cash flow business!

I have a confession to make. The thought of going to an internet site and finding cash flow notes to purchase sounds appealing. It would also be nice to just list notes for sale and have offers come pouring in.

Think about it….

No expensive or time consuming marketing

No submitting document packages to potential note buyers

Letting multiple investors compete for deals

All with a simple click of the mouse!

It sounds…well…..easy! Unfortunately it falls short on the implementation. Here’s the challenging reality experienced with these note networking sites.


1) You are not direct with the note seller Read the rest of this entry »

3 Tips For Finding Cash Flow Notes With Direct Mail

Finding Cash Flow Notes LogoWondering how to find cash flow notes using letters and postcards? Here are three important tips to get you started.


Tip #1 – It’s All In the Note Holder List

It makes sense that you only want to mail to a known list of note holders that took back seller financing. Why waste money sending your message to somebody that isn’t receiving payments on real estate sold?

But just having a list is not enough. The quality and type of list are crucial to direct mail success when it comes to real estate notes. You must work with a reliable list provider that understands the seller finance market and maintains high deliverability standards.

Trust me… all list sellers are NOT created equal.

Customizing the list to target certain types of notes will also improve the close ratio. You can also go with the DIY method and build it yourself (but there’s really only one time I recommend that approach).

Whatever you do, don’t just use the exact same list that some trainer is providing with their course. It won’t be targeted AND everyone else will be mailing to it at the same time.


Tip #2 – Get Consistent

Direct mail is a numbers game. Your message has to reach the seller at a time they need cash and will consider selling the note at a discount.

There is no Read the rest of this entry »

Cash Flow Business – The Cold Hard Truth About Mentoring

Finding Notes LogoWould you pay $10,000 for someone to teach you the cash flow business?

I wouldn’t.

Matter of fact, I am not really sure I would pay someone $5,000 to teach me the business.

But the fact of the matter is that there are numerous so-called experts out there right now, trying to charge $5,000, $10,000 and more, just to “teach” people to find cash flow notes. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s the Best Way to Find Cash Flow Notes?

It’s an earnest question and one we hear often from finders new to the cash flow business.

It also deserves a good answer! Something beyond, “Well, that depends…”

But in some ways it does depend. It is sort of like asking,

“What’s the best ice cream?” (Stick with me, I promise this has a point!)

I might answer Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, but my husband (an avowed coffee hater) would just make a face at my selection. He’s more of a French Vanilla or Chunky Monkey kind of guy.

So… it depends on personal preference (any maybe what’s on sale)!

In our business there are 5 preferred methods for locating deals. We cover this in more detail in the

Finding Cash Flow Notes Videos

(click the link above for free access to the mini course), but to summarize they are: Read the rest of this entry »

Build a Winning Cash Flow Business

Contrary to what some may like you to believe, there are no overnight riches. The deals won’t magically knock on the door the second note finders declare they are in business.

Fortunately for new note brokers, there are three very specific guidelines that can help build a winning cash flow business.

Success Key #1

Many brokers work the cash flow industry part time. In our opinion “part time” is considered something around 15 – 20 hours per week. Anything less than an average of 10 hours per week will make significant returns unlikely.

Success Key #2

Whenever possible you should be working directly with Read the rest of this entry »